privacy agreement

In using the Muzime website ("the Website"), Muzime, Inc. ("Muzime" or "we") may collect and use information from and about you as described in this Privacy Policy ("the Policy"). By using the Website, you agree to the Policy terms. We may revise the Policy on occasion for various purposes, including without limitation to comply with changes in the law, to adapt to industry trends and standards, to alter the Website collection and use methods, and to update the Website features and technology. It is your duty to revisit this Policy from time to time to stay current on our practices and terms. If we substantially alter how we collect or use your information, we will announce these changes on this page at least thirty (30) days before we implement them. These new terms will govern your use of the Website unless, prior to that implementation, you advise us by email at that you wish to have your personally identifiable information, if any, removed from our database. At such time, or at any other time you object to the Policy, you must cease use of the Website. Your continued use of the Website after implementation of changes posted on this page constitutes your acceptance of the new terms.

If you are under 13 years of age, you are not permitted to use the Website.

Collection of Personal Information
Use of Muzime requires you establish a personal profile by providing a first name, last name, email address, zip code, and password. Your email address will serve as your user name, but you may create a different display name. As "connecting" users is integral to the Website purpose, your personal profile is viewable by other Muzime members; however, your expressed music preferences may or may not show in your discretion. Muzime collects personal information of various types depending on your use of the Website. This may include financial information if you choose to make purchases or otherwise spend money on or through the Website; demographic personal data you supply; and feedback you provide and data we collect regarding musical or other preferences, which we may use to create databases for users (yourself and others) that assist them in selecting music. All data shall be deemed collected in the United States, regardless of its source.

We use data related to your listening and buying choices to make recommendations to you regarding music you may wish to explore. We accomplish this by, among other ways, "tagging" your account with keywords, pictures, adjectives, and other indicia that reflect your listening and purchasing habits. Feedback you voluntarily provide by your own actions or selections (hereafter called "Express Feedback") regarding music, artists, or related material, including that by "fill-in-the blank" and "visual tag" methods, may be used to further determine and assess your preferences.

Use of Personal Information
1. Express Feedback. Your Express Feedback will show as part of your user profile you can edit it. Muzime may make the content of your Express Feedback available for purchase by artists, their designees or other third parties; however, we first aggregate this data into summaries that do not share or otherwise disclose any data that will identify you. We may aggregate and deliver the data by non-personally identifiable categories, trends, or summaries.

2. Implied Feedback. When you purchase a work through the Website, the "biotags" the corresponding Artist has tagged to the work will show in your user profile. You may add your own biotags (Express Feedback) and you may delete the Artist-given biotags (Implied Feedback). Whether visible to other users or not, Muzime may make information regarding Implied Feedback available for purchase in the same way as Express Feedback.

3. Business Associates. Muzime may share or sell your personal information with or to any party that merges with, purchases the assets of, partners or ventures with, or otherwise goes into business with Muzime. We may share your information with outside parties who provide services to us, but they may only use such information as we designated.

4. Legal Process. Muzime may disclose your personal information in our discretion without notice in order to protect our legal rights or to comply with the law, regulation, court order, or request of a legal authority.

5. Customer Communication. Muzime may use your information to send information regarding the Website, determined preferences, special offers, announcements, or other information. If you wish to unsubscribe to this correspondence, you may do so by sending an email to from the email address you wish to remove with the word "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject line. This shall not unsubscribe you from announcements Muzime deems fundamental to its services so long as you maintain an account with us.

6. Internal Use. Muzime may use your personal information in aggregate and summary statistical forms. In these forms, we eliminate any connection to your personal identifiable data, retaining only anonymous demographic data in the abstract. The underlying content comprising the collective information cannot be traced back to any particular person or used to identify a particular person. We reserve the right to use, sell, trade, transfer, organize, or otherwise exploit this generalized data in our sole discretion.

7. User Postings. Muzime may use any personal information you disclose for purposes of or as part of postings on its website.

Retention of Information
Muzime shall be entitled to retain your personal information until you notify us by email to eliminate such information from our database. This elimination will not include the redaction of data that we have recast anonymously or integrated into aggregate form and is no longer personally identifiable. We shall not retain your financial information unless you opt for us to do so. All financial-related data is subject to the terms of any card processor used, including PayPal.

Data Security
Although Muzime uses reasonable care to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed free from unlawful intrusion or interception. You understand and agree that you submit information you submit to Muzime and its website at your own risk.

We use cookies to track your use of the Website, such as the time you spend there and the pages you visit. You may opt to have the website retain your personal information for purposes of future visits. If you do not choose to do so, once you exit the website, we will not retain personally identifiable information.

Third Party Websites
Muzime may link from the Website to websites operated by third parties. Regardless of any relationship between any such third parties and Muzime, we do not operate or maintain those websites, and we are not responsible for the privacy practices of those sites. You should be sure to review the practices and policies of any other websites you visit.

For any questions regarding the Policy or use of the website, contact us at